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Chemicals for the Future

We develop, manufacture and sell chemical products, primarily for automobiles.
Each product type that we offer is the end result of moving forward hand-in-hand with our customers over the years.
Mindful to develop products that are not only high-quality but also people-friendly and in harmony with the global environment,
we will continue to produce the next-generation chemical products needed for the future.


Company creed: 和(Harmony)
Guiding Principles (the 3 C)
Challenging the future with continuously refined technologies to grow into a world-leading company.
Creating a safer, more comfortable lifestyle through products and services that exceed expectations.
Contributing through craftsmanship to the realization of a sustainable environment and society.
From Japan to the world, creating the future through the power of chemicals, providing a safe and comfortable lifestyle
  • Toward a company that is ahead of the times and inspires the world
  • Toward a company selected for its exceptional technology and quality
  • Toward a company that contributes to its stakeholders while prizing integrity and compliance
  • Toward a company that promotes harmony with global society through the development of human resources


  • Abstracting the J-C-I from "Japan Chemical Industries" and expanding on the ideas of "Challenge," "Contribution," and "Creation" from our Guiding Principles as well as
    the idea of being "Global," this expresses our corporate character.
  • Abstraction of initials "J"
    It expresses the spirit of "CHALLENGE" of our company, that continues to grow.
  • Abstraction of initials "C"
    The arcs intersecting J and I express the spirit of "CONTRIBUTION", which indicates that the realization of a sustainable environment and society through monozukuri (manufacturing).
  • Abstraction of initials "I"
    The shape, composed of circles and straight lines, expresses "CREATION" to show a safer and more comfortable life with products and services that exceed expectations.
    The circle (●) visualizes the earth, and expresses our corporate characteristic to develop globally.
■Corporate Color
The start of the gradation of our corporate color is a wish for future development.
In addition, by using the blue of Shizuoka City, we are also expressing harmony with the local community.